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The legislative districts within the DUSD

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Legislative District 13:

Senator Sine Kerr   (602) 926-5955

Representative Joanne Osborne   (602) 926-3181

Representative Timothy Dunn   (602) 926-4139

Legislative District 29:

Senator Martin Quezada   (602) 926-5911

Representative Richard Andrade   (602) 926-3130

Representative CHÁVEZ, César  (602) 926-4862

Legislative District 21:

Senator Rick Gray   (602) 926-5413

Representative Kevin Payne   (602) 926-4854

Representative PINGERELLI, BEVERLY   (602) 926-3396

Legislative District 22:

Senator David Livingston   (602) 926-4178

Representative Ben Toma   (602) 926-3298

Representative Frank Carroll   (602) 926-3249


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Your Voice for Strong Dysart Schools! We are parents and community members that support our school district and public education in Arizona

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Q & A

Q: What is a legislative session?

  • A legislative session is a period of time in which the legislature meets for the purpose of lawmaking.

  • During this time period lawmakers will propose thousands of bills, but not all bills will become law.

Q: Why is a legislative session important to us as Dysart parents/ staff/ community members?

  • Legislation is important because it allows us an opportunity to endorse bills which will support our students.

  • We can provide feedback to secure more funding and local control for our schools.

  • This open session also affords the opportunity to speak out against bills, which we feel do not support our students and or district.

Q: What can we as Dysart parents/ staff/ community members do during this session?

  • Subscribe to the Dysart Community Legislative Network by emailing “subscribe me” to or hit the subscribe button here on our local site  

  • Support our students and district by posting (FOR) or (AGAINST) educational bills at

Q: How do we post (FOR) or (AGAINST) bills during a legislative session?

  • Create an account with the AZ legislature

  • Register your AZ legislature account at any capital kiosk.

  • or follow the link to register your account from the comfort of your home, please note if you choose this option, YOU will not create an account. Just follow the steps outlined and wait for a confirmation email.

  • Stay connected with DCLN to get information on what bills will support our students. 


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